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What is a Versa-Tail® Jig Tail?
this is a versa-tail jig tail   The Versa-Tail is a Jig Tail that is 1.5" in length and exclusively available from
What will the Versa-Tail Jig Tails cost me?
Only a $1.79/10 ct. bag.
How many do I get?
this is a package of the versa-tail jig tails   You get 10 Versa-Tail Jig Tails in a package.
How do I use the Versa-Tail Jig Tails?
We thought you'd never ask!
Rig full length on a 1/32 ounce jig head with a number 8 or 6 hook.
In this demo, the Versa-Tail Jig Tail is rigged on a Panfishpro Pro-Quality 1/32 #8 Jig Head.
Or cut the Versa-Tail Jig Tail to any length you like.
Cut on an angle, like shown above for a different presentation.
Cut in half to make 2 jigs.
How many times has this happened to you? The fish start ripping
the tail away from the jig head.
...and a little more.
...and now it's no longer usable, right? Wrong!
Just rig the other end of the Versa-Tail Jig Tail, and use it again!
Ready to try the Versa-Tail Jig Tails? If you answered yes, Click here.
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