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Panfishpro INSTINCTRIX Jig Series. It took us almost two years to perfect the action of this bait. 1000’s of fish were caught with the INSTINCTRIX jig, before the first one was ever sold. The quivering, vibrating and undulating motion of this jig tail drive fish wild! Say hello to your new favorite pan fish jig. Say hello to INSTINCTRIX. NEW 1.9-inch INSTINCTRIX Jig Tails now available.
Panfishpro 1.9" INSTINCTRIX Jig Tails shown in Cherry juice.
INSTINCTRIX 1.9-inch Jig Tails.
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Panfishpro 1.5" INSTINCTRIX Jig Kits. Panfishpro 1.4" INSTINCTRIX Jig Tails shown in Golden Yellow. Panfishpro 1.65" INSTINCTRIX Rigged Jigs shown in Yellow Chartreuse/Hot Pink.
60 and 115 piece INSTINCTRIX 1.65-inch Jig Kits.
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INSTINCTRIX 1.4-inch Jig Tails.
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INSTINCTRIX 1.65-inch Rigged Jigs.
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INSTINCTRIX is a registered trademark of Panfishpro LLC.
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